Shaft Construction

In the 90 plus years we have been in business, we have sunk several hundred miles of shafts conventionally.

Finished diameters have varied from a 36-foot surge shaft to an 8-foot diameter bleeder shaft.

Depths have varied from less than 100 feet to close to a half a mile.

The shafts have been lined to the client's specifications with steel, concrete or shotcrete reinforced with fiber. Most have been used for varying purposes in coal and non-ferrous metals for man and material access in and out of the mine and for fan ventilation purposes.

Some of our recently completed projects:

  • Jim Walter Resources No.7 /1800 ft. service shaft depth / 22 foot in diameter Brookwood, Alabama
  • Cleveland Cliffs/1000 ft. elliptical divided shaft/ Oak Grove, Alabama
  • Imagin Natural Resources/ 230 ft. split ventilation shaft in depth / 25 foot in diameter / concrete lined / West Virginia
  • Jim Walter Resources No.7 / 1800 foot ventilation shaft depth / 23 foot in diameter / shotcrete lined /Brookwood, Alabama.

We have deepened existing vent shafts for conversion to production shafts, including the installation of all shaft steel and skip components.


Construction project with three shafts.

Clamshelling a shaft in glacial till.

 Shafts Project Gallery


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