Shotcreting is a versatile construction technique we employ regularly.

Pneumatically placing concrete in rock surfaces or behind various forms of various shapes and sizes in difficult-to-reach places is not a problem for Cowin.

We have applied Shotcrete with various additives to rock highwalls, underground conveyor and load-out bins, highway tunnels and just about any surface that requires a concrete mixture for reinforcement. Cowin has also applied Shotcrete to construct reinforced walls to earthquake-proof large buildings.

We have available concrete pumps of various capabilities, and the ability to produce concrete and shotcrete on-site.
Shotcrete & Concrete
Pumping concrete into a slope portal.

Building where the application of gunite was used to construct reinforced earthquake proof shear walls. 


Finished concrete piers for a fan Evasee.
 Shotcrete & Concrete


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