We have enlarged railroad tunnels under traffic without disrupting schedules and at minimum cost.

Tunnel Construction

Tunnel Construction

Civil tunnel construction is an important part of our work. We have built tunnels for sewers, highways, railroads and hydroelectric projects. They have ranged from a few feet to forty feet in diameter and up to several miles in length.

Cowin has constructed new railroad tunnels and has enlarged tunnels under traffic. For the hydroelectric industry, we have built both river diversion tunnels and power tunnels which deliver water to the generators. Though highway tunnels are a comparative rarity today, we have constructed many including several for our nation's interstate highway system.

Hard rock mining is another specialty of ours. We have driven several miles of tunnels in zinc mines varying in size from 8’x 12’ to 16’x 18’. We also work in limestone mines and quarries.

The tunnels and development work in the limestone mines vary up to 30 feet wide and 28 feet high. We have also excavated and installed large crushers at these mines.

Securing highwalls by scaling and bolting, including the application of hanging wire mesh and shotcreting when required, is the kind of work we are sometimes asked to perform in quarries, in particular.


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