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Raisebor offers a full range of drilling services focusing on safety, timeliness, and professionalism.

Raisebor offers a full range of shaft services: surface, underground, uncased, cased, steel plate, or concrete lined. Our staff is safe, professional, highly skilled, and committed to a strong work ethic. Our strong financial position in a family owned, U.S. business allows for flexibility in an otherwise structured economy.

Our 83-RM-DC Robbins Drill gives us the capability to drill raises up to 20 feet in diameter to depths of 2000 feet.

Raisebor was founded in 1973 with one rig. The Robbins 41-R provided us with raise drilling capability of four, five, and six foot diameter raises from relatively shallow depths. Now, we have added the Robbins 61-R,Ingersoll Rand RBM-7, Robbins 83 RM-DC, and most recently, the Atlas Copco 123RH. This equipment enables Raisebor to pull larger raises from 2000 feet and up to 26' diameter. Dip angles of 45 degrees are not uncommon to us and we feel our drilling procedures enable drilling in straight holes even in the most difficult formations.

Raisebor can work anywhere a job may be located. We've shipped our equipment via truck, train, barge, and ocean freight. Our equipment is designed to be dismantled and re-erected underground. This gets us into difficult locations in a timely manner which saves your company time and money.

Under the direction of Mick Hardwick, Raisebor General Manager, our safety record is another advantage of our company. Our lost time accident rate is one of the lowest in the United States.

Our complete line of equipment, financial position, and safety offer our clients turnkey, bonded (if required) worldwide work without relying on assistance from customers or other outside construction companies.

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83RM-DC drilling an underground raise.

Our RBM7 rig provides the power for large diameter raises.

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